Led Walks

Thanks to all those that came along on the led walks last week…including our first ever staff outing to Castle Hill! There was much talk of keeping this up so if you’re interested and missed out please do get in touch! Remember, just 10,000 steps a day can be immensely beneficial: http://www.livescience.com/43956-walking-10000-steps-healthy.html

DSC_4472 DSC_4433 DSC_4446 DSC_4470

Getting out into the fresh air walking or on your bike burns calories, gets your heart pumping and even works the abs. It can also lift your mood, put a smile on your face and improve your general health and wellbeing – can a car journey do all that?

Being inactive is a serious threat to our collective health – Sustrans’ research shows that lack of physical activity could cause over 36,000 premature deaths in England each year.

It’s recommended that adults take part in 2.5 hours of moderate activity per week. But physical activity levels are low in the UK: only 40% of men and 28% of women meet these minimum recommendations. Meanwhile, car use is soaring and our roads are getting busier.

One way to achieve this target is to do 30 minutes’ exercise at least five days a week – the perfect length of time for short, local journeys on foot or by bike. Swapping some of those car journeys to travel by bike or foot improves fitness – research shows that regular adult cyclists have fitness levels of someone 10 years younger.

For further information please see the Sustrans website.

Walks in Huddersfield

Everyone should try these brilliant walks from Discover Huddersfield. There is something for everyone, no matter what you want to see or how much time you’ve got!






Radical Heritage Trail

short walks preview 1st page short walks preview 3rd page





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